Terrestrial Roots Inc.

 About Us and Our Logo

Our logo represents our logic and our understanding of all things whole. The tree is used to represent a terrestrial origin and our connection to the earth, with in the tree is the symbol called the ANHK. Ankh is a very ancient symbol that comes from Ancient Egypt, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings of this symbol. The most inaccurate belief is the Ankh represents evil and is a for a Pagan religion. By Webster dictionary definition Pagan- is a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the 3 main world religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity), but the Ancient Egyptians and all it symbols was in existence before any major religion. The Ankh is pure feminine energy and represents that birth of all life comes from the womb of women.

 The Ankh’s sacred loop/sphere represents fertile womb of mankind, the ovaries are converted to represent the sunrise and sunset, and finally, the fallopian tube is to represent the portal of life which we all travel to get here spiritually. The Ancient Egyptians had spiritual beliefs, not a religious one. They were involved with higher sciences and the most magnificent masonry of the earth, which we are still trying to replicate today. These ancient societies had great knowledge and intellect, they knew there was a connection between plants and herbs to cure disease and they used them. The same knowledge they knew we are inspired to obtain again and want to be able to pass along.

The Vision

In a world of quick fixes and partial gestures of assistance we wanted to change our approach and decided to come from the roots instead of the fruits, therefore we came up with the name “Terrestrial Roots” meaning Earthly Roots. We not only give our customers the finest blends of wildcrafted herbs, spices, tinctures, and tonics but also the knowledge to go along with each and every ingredient.

So even if you don’t buy our products you will leave our website more knowledgeable about the Holistic Health options available and the root of all medicines which come from Terrestrial Roots.

The Story

Being a college student-athlete I felt and believed I was invincible physically and mentally. I was up to date on the latest health trends and fitness guides but even that didn’t help me when I found myself at a health crisis. In my early 20’s, a blood clot passed through my brain and caused a mild stroke. This was definitely the scariest moment of my life. It wasn’t from an inactive lifestyle since I was made of mostly muscle at the time, but I couldn’t say for sure it was from a dietary source.

I couldn’t continue doing the same things as before to expect a different result so I turned to researching Holistic Health practices, which led me to the late Dr. Sebi. The research sprung my interest in not only helping myself but I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could and guide them to a better quality of life.  After all my research I’ve realized a whole foods diet with the right whole herbs and spices will create an optimal living environment for the soul to dwell without sickness.